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5 Travel Tips to Reduce Back Pain

Tips to Prevent Back Pain while Traveling.

Traveling can be hard on your neck, legs, and low back. Just consider these travel experience challenges and prepare ahead of time to create a more enjoyable and relaxing time:

girl holding a suitcase

  • driving long distances
  • carrying heavy bags
  • standing in the security line
  • hard airport terminal chairs, if delayed
  • uncomfortable beds
  • plane, train, or car seating

 * Five tips for pain-free travel:

1) Body Height Matters

If you are tall, consider booking an aisle seat for the flight. People who are short, and whose feet may not touch the floor when seated, may want to consider bringing a collapsable foot elevation device. Be sure to check with the airline prior to going to the airport to make sure the device you choose it approve to bring onboard.

2) Don’t forget the Ice or Hot Packs

If you have a neck or back pain problem—bring your ice pack or moist hot pack

3) Get Up, Out, and Move when Possible
If driving, take breaks to stop and walk around.  Five minutes of exercise at a rest area can help prevent deep vein thrombosis from happening and can also energize and wake you up!  Stand up and move around the airplane as often as possible.

4) Know what fluids Hydrate vs. Dehydrate

Drink water rather than alcohol, coffee, or tea. Flying dehydrates the body because of the very low humidity levels in the pressurized air cabin. Alcohol, tea, and coffee are diuretics that also encourage dehydration. Water will rehydrate the body and help to prevent circulatory problems.

5) Neck and Back Support Pillows

Make sure to pack support pillows for your neck and back.  Many stores offer inflatable supports, which are easy to pack.

Following these back pain prevention tips may help you arrive at your next destination ready to explore, lead that board meeting, or enjoy time with your family.

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