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6 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet-Part 2

A ketogenic diet is one that focuses on high healthy fat consumption, a moderate amount of proteins and a few carbohydrates. While there are many benefits to this type of diet, there are six key benefits that we will focus on in this three part article. Today, we focus on the benefits of anti-inflammatory and decreasing your risk for cancer!


Recent data suggests that engaging in the ketogenic lifestyle can significantly reduce inflammation by reducing the reactive oxygen in the brain and can reduce central inflammation and reactive oxygen in cases of multiple sclerosis. There have now been multiple clinical papers that have found that committing to the keto diet for as little as 12 weeks can reduce liver inflammation in overweight people and can improve other areas like physiological and biochemical issues that many have in the USA and around the world. Bottom line though is that we have just scratched the surface on the inflammatory benefits. With this being just one of six huge benefits of the keto diet, this information is just another huge reason why those with health issues should look to the Keto diet as a potential way to help reduce or eliminate pain.

Reducing Your Risk For Cancer
The big benefit of the keto diet when it comes to reducing one’s risk for cancer comes believe it or not, in the blood sugar stabilization that it can bring. All cancer cells feed off of carbs and blood sugar in order to grow and multiply. When you engage in a ketogenic lifestyle, some of your metabolic processes are altered and blood sugar levels go down dramatically. This has been said to “starve” the cancer cells of what they need to grow and multiply. It isn’t a huge jump to think that this could stop their growth completely or even kill these cancer cells. This shows just one more way the blood sugar benefits of the keto diet can benefit you against diseases and improve your life, and, in some cases, even potentially lengthen it.
Join us in our next blog where we discuss the last 2 benefits of the Keto diet! We think by the time you see all six of these benefits, you will at the very least be intrigued, and possibly even be ready to start your keto journey!”

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