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6 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet- Part 3

In parts one and two of this series, we discussed many ways that a Ketogenic Diet can improve your health and overall quality of life. Today in part three we finish the series with the final two benefits: healthy brain function and stable energy levels.

Healthy Brain Function

what-is-a-ketogenic-dietThe brain controls so much of how we feel throughout our entire body. Studies have shown that epileptic children who suffered from seizures saw a great reduction in seizures by following a ketogenic diet. In one study, more than 38% of children on a ketogenic diet saw a reduction, compared to only 6% from the control group. This has now spurned further research into other brain disorders such as Alzheimers and Dementia. The burning of ketones in the brain can stimulate areas that necessarily burn glucose, like many parts of the brain do. Hopefully, as we move forward these studies can result in meaningful control of these life changing disorders or possibly even a cure.

Stable Energy Levels

We discussed in a previous article the ketogenic benefits to stabilizing blood sugars, but did you know that stabilized blood sugars can also contribute to stabilizing your overall energy levels? Blood sugar is and varied changes in it is the primary concern of any diabetic when changing their eating plan. Changing the amount of sugars in the body can and will affect blood sugar which can have a few side effects. When fewer carbohydrates are ingested, however, less insulin is needed. This can give those suffering from diabetes more control over their insulin levels and needs, which can, in turn, give them more energy throughout their day.

Another area contributing to stabilizing energy levels is the ketogenic benefits of weight loss and belly fat loss. The bigger you are, the harder your body has top work to keep up in all of your systems. Losing weight, and especially belly fat gives your systems a break, which can stabilize your energy levels throughout the day.

We hope this series has been not only beneficial and informative for you, but has spurned you to either look further into the ketogenic lifestyle, or make the jump and change your eating habits altogether. As we continue to learn more about ketogenic benefits, it will become even clearer that this way of eating is potentially what is best for your body, and for your long-term quality of life.

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