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6 Key Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet - Part 1

A ketogenic diet is one that focuses on high healthy fat consumption, a moderate amount of proteins and a few carbohydrates. While there are many benefits to this type of diet, there are six key benefits that we will focus on in this three part article. Today, we focus on the benefits of weight loss and lowering insulin levels.

Weight Loss

The Ketogenic diet has amazing benefits for those in need of losing weight. This way of eating allows your body to access the fat reserves so they can be shed through by setting your body into nutritional ketosis. Many studies have been done that have shown, in comparison to traditional dieting, subjects losing as much as 100% more weight through a ketogenic diet. For obese people, this diet can mean the difference between slowing heart disease and other life-threatening conditions and reversing these processes. download

Decreasing Insulin Levels

Carbohydrates have been “brain food” and can help your body when it comes to cognitive processes as well as when sudden bursts of energy are needed, but what about the negative effects of too many cars? When you eat carbohydrates, your body breaks them down into sugars that in turn causes your blood sugar levels to rise. As your body gets more and more resisted to insulin, you are at a high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. As it said in a study published in Nutrition and Metabolism,

“Dietary modification led to improvements in glycemic control and medication reduction/elimination in motivated volunteers with type 2 diabetes. The diet lower in carbohydrate led to greater improvements in glycemic control, and more frequent medication reduction/elimination than the low glycemic index diet. Lifestyle modification using low carbohydrate interventions is effective for improving and reversing type 2 diabetes.”

When you consume carbs, they are broken down into sugars in your body. In turn, this causes your blood sugar levels to rise and leads to a spike in your insulin.

So if weight loss is your goal, or if reversing the effects of insulin residence is a need, then the ketogenic diet may be just what the doctor ordered!

Check back with us next time where we will look closer at two other benefits of the ketogenic diet; anti-inflammatory and decreasing your risk for cancer!”

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