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Are You Fit for Golf?

Golf professional helping young man with his swing

Fit For Golf?

There’s something about golf… and I enjoy it for so many reasons.  For one it’s relaxing to “get away” for a few hours, the challenge of the game, meeting other guys who also have similar interests, to be focused on one thing, and a great way to get in some exercise.

Barriers To Performance

Poor Flexibility

Lack of golf-specific flexibility will put you at risk of injury.

When you describe the experience of tight muscles, they are half-right. It’s really the 3-dimensional web of connective tissue called fascia that is tight. Fascial tightness can pull or compress key structures in the body up to 2000 pounds per square inch.

Lovely Blond Golfer LadyUnstable Posture

Lack of postural stability will leave you weak and unstable at the top of your backswing. Improving stability is the key to improving consistency.

A stable golf swing is made of 3 components:

1). Proper alignment of the back knee over the back ankle.

2). Gluteal muscles that are fit and conditioned to stabilize the hips and knees and

3). Quadriceps

muscles that can support the transfer of body weight into the back leg at the top of the back swing.

Lack of Club Head Speed

The only way to hit longer and more powerful golf shots is to increase your club head speed.

The only way to increase your club head speed is to increase your range of motion in your spine and upper extremities.

Improving Your Game…

Golf Competition

Now… to improve your performance, 

14 areas of the body must be conditioned for golf.  

Some golfers only need 2-3 of these 14 areas to see improvements, and some may need more areas improved.  


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