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Foot Pain Relief Technology With SOLS

SOLS_Patient_TechCard.indd SOLS revolutionizes the orthotics industry by combining advanced data capture and 3D printing technology to create a new doctor & patient experience. Learn more about SOLS and how we can elevate your practice today.

Until now, orthotics have been inaccessible and unaffordable to the majority of individuals, and traditional manufacturing processes limit the features customizable to an individual. Now, with SOLS mobile process and 3D technology, Warren Chiropractic is able to provide custom fit orthotics!sales_images-02_360

 SOLS combines advanced 3D materials with expert biomechanical knowledge to create a dynamic and custom insole that is supportive and properly aligns the foot for a pain free step.

 From the virtual model, each SOLS dynamic insole is 3D printed specific to the measurements of the individual and finished in our New York headquarters. The entire process from fitting to delivery of your highly customized insole at your door, takes no more than 10 business days. Once an individual is scanned their SOLS can be accurately replicated on demand, allowing the wearer to order multiple insoles to match their lifestyle.

To schedule a consultation and fitting contact us today!

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