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Dads, Everyone needs us around for a long time...

Dads…  Everyone needs you around for a long time. 

image[1]You’re a leader. You’re a hero. You’re a brother, father and friend.

Everyone needs you around for a long time. So pay attention and set yourself up for a healthy life.

Your Heart…

Take care of your heart.

Cardiovascular health is crucial. Prioritize your cardio exercise, eat your fiber and pass on the salt and sugar so your heart can be as strong as possible.

Your Prostate…

Pay attention to prostate health. Prostate cancer is all too common for men, so get your zinc, vitamin C and skip the fatty foods. And, remember your prostate exams should start between ages 40-50 depending on your family history.

Your Spine… 

Maintain a sturdy spine. Long workdays, piggyback rides, heavy lifting and life in general are hard on the body but good for the soul.

So, remember to give us a call and schedule your maintenance checkup at Warren Chiropractic in Osceola for your spine.

Cheers to a healthy and inspired life!

From my family to yours… Blessings and Better Health!

Dr Don Warren

Dr Don 2014

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