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Don't Just Eat Your Veggies

We all should eat fruits and vegetables every day as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Organic is always the best choice, but regardless of what you buy, washing produce before consumption is an important step you shouldn’t skip.


Imported produce, a substantial part of the U.S food market, is rarely inspected for harmful pesticide levels. E. Coli and other dangerous bacteria can lurk everything we bring home from the store or market, especially sprouts. Before you slice into a crisp apple or pop a grape in your mouth, you need to wash and remove hidden germs.

Gently Rinse With Water: This is the best choice for berries and small fruits that need gentle treatment. Reverse osmosis water is preferred.

Spray With Vinegar: This does an even better job of removing pesticides as it draw toxins out of the skin. Using a spray bottle (new or food-purpose) combine vinegar and water in a 3:1 ratio.

Peel The Skin: Non-organic apple skins contain a high percentage of chemicals. Peeling and removing them is the best way to avoid putting those harmful toxins in your body.

Next time you go shopping keep these tips in mind for added health and wellness!

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