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Inflammation, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Heart Disease... Common Answers

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Achy, sore joints,  Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease… Inflammation is a major factor!

These all have common links to inflammation in the body.  Inflammation is one of the leading causes behind all disease processes.  Stress, lousy diets, and a lack of exercise can all play a part of this problem.  Here are a few tips to help you start feeling more active with increased flexibility with some of these common, easy changes in lifestyle.




Anti-inflammatory Answers…

       *Changes in Eating Habits:

  1. Eliminate all Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Oils from your diet.
  2. On the flip side… Increase Omega 3 Fatty Acid type of oils Some of the top Omega 3 Oils that can help are Fish Oils (Wild Caught Salmon and Tuna, Flax Oil, Coconut Oil)
  3. Reduce all Omega 6 Fatty Acid oils such as corn oil, canola oil, vegetable oil.  While these oils may sound healthy, they cause inflammation.
  4. Eliminate all high fructose corn syrup and switch to natural sweeteners such as honey, stevia, (or organic raw sugar)
  5. Increase green vegetables in your diet as well as the berries.
  6. Drink more pure water.

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  1. Increase your exercise level each day, at your pace.  At a minimum… Start with a stationary bike or begin walking.  If it’s cold, find a mall or large store to start your exercise program.  But, no excuses!  Make sure your your doctor approves (of, course).
  2. If you are able, join a group or class to help you become accountable.  We all need partners to cheer us on!



happy family reading        *Stress Reduction

  1. Start off you day reading something positive and uplifting.  I prefer reading a Proverb from the Bible every day along with reading other positive, uplifting, or educational books.
  2. Pray every morning.  God loves to hear our concerns!
  3. Think about and say out-loud at least one thing you are thankful for each and every morning.  At least one!  You’ll be amazed at how you become to feel less stressed.
  4. Tell someone everyday how they’ve positively impacted you or how you are grateful for them.

Bet your feeling better already!  Keep on moving forward, step-by-step.


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  1. Lourdes Allen says
    May 03, 2014 at 8:15 PM

    Thank you for your article,I used organic Agave nectar,date sugar,dry apricot or fresh date,for baking and for smoothies. God bless.

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