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It helps you go. It cheers you up. It’s everywhere.

It’s caffeine and most love it. Coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks and even some painkillers… caffeine is everywhere. And, while a little is fine, we often over-do it without noticing.

The good. Caffeine in moderation helps increase alertness, mood, concentration and performance, helps your bowels stay active and provides antioxidants.

The bad. Too much can amplify stress levels, blood sugar swings and irritability.

The ugly. Over time, caffeine can cause cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems, adrenal exhaustion, increased aging and other specific health problems.

How much is just right?

While everyone’s body is different, they say that health benefits of caffeine begin around 250mg and become unhealthy at 400mg (roughly 4 cups of coffee) per day.

So find your balance and enjoy today’s tastiest brew.

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