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Why ScolioBrace?


Why ScoliBrace?

With a variety of treatment options, bracing, and surgeries available for scoliosis treatment in adults and children, navigating and choosing treat ments can be difficult. At Warren Chiropractic we are committed to helping guide you through understanding scoliosis, types of scoliosis, as well as scoliosis treatment and spinal care. We recommend the ScolioBrace.  This new and improved bracing system combines traditional brace structure with state of the art customization for the patient.




After the initial consultation with our certified spine expert, a Warren Chiropractic doctor will:

The unique 3-D ScoliBrace process:

  • 3-D Scan the patient in both a neutral/normal position and then a 3-D Scan of the patient’s Corrected position.
  • 3-D rendering and CAD corrections are performed by scoliosis experts
  • 3-D Printed ScolioBrace is created uniquely for each person.
  • These scans are taken of the patient’s back and spinal area. The brace is then custom designed according to the scans. What results is a brace that can have super-corrective effect for maximizing possible improvements to the spinal curve.


Sleeping Well…

Most young and adolescent patients discover they sleep well in the brace. Treatment time ranges from 6-24 months. Monitoring and check-ups are also key to this process.

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