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Young Dancers Developing Scoliosis In Alarming Numbers

young dancer scoliosis
Dancing is a popular way of combining art with physical activity and can be a great way to keep your child active in a holistic mind-body way.

Parents need to be aware that a child participating in dance, particularly dance that includes significant movement of the lower back during the adolescent years of 9-17 has a much higher likelihood (up to 12 times) of developing the scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. A prominent physical rehabilitation journal stated:  “Adolescent dancers, similar to adult dancers, are at significantly higher risk of developing scoliosis than non-dancers of the same age. Vigilant screening and improved education of dance teachers and parents of dance students may be beneficial in earlier detection and, consequently, reducing the risk of requiring surgical intervention.” 

Eliminating dance is not necessary, but awareness is key. Here are two ways you can prevent your child from having pain and problems down the road:
  • Talk to your child’s Chiropractor about eliminating moves that strain the back. Any kind of physical pressure on the spine during this important period of physical growth should be avoided.
  • Get regular screenings by a chiropractor, who is a certified scoliosis specialist, to check your child’s spinal health. While most children do not experience pain now, scoliosis can cause debilitating pain in adulthood and strain the heart and lungs.



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