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How To Make French Press Coffee - Dr. Don's Morning Ritual


I love my morning time, and a great cup of coffee seems to start off my day on a positive note. After crawling out of bed, I usually “zombie” my way to the kitchen (trying not to stub my toe) to brew some coffee. While awaiting my boiling water, I pull out my iPad and read before I start my busy day.

While I have enjoyed the Keurig coffee maker for its speed and ease, the challenge was that the pods can be expensive, and sometimes the taste is lacking and without any depth. Over the last year, I began using a French Press coffee maker. Some coffee lovers prefer lighter brewed coffee, but my personal choice of coffee has always been the dark, rich and bold coffees…the kind you can stand a spoon straight up in – well, maybe not quite that bold.

Personally, I attempt to eat organic, chemical-free foods, and that applies to my coffees as well. It is important for better health to avoid pesticides, fertilizer chemicals, etc. because these toxins are never beneficial. I look for the organic coffees that are also grown with fair trade practices if possible.

Now for some divine French Press Coffee:

Water: First, start off with filtered waterbecause it profoundly affects the taste of your coffee. I prefer reverse-osmosis filtration because of the health benefits.

Coffee Beans: Consider the type of beans you prefer–fresh is always best! Try to buy whole beans and grind them at home. Ground coffee quickly loses freshness and the taste diminishes.

Water Temperature: To save time get the water going while you grind. While many people just boil their water, I prefer to stop at a temperature of 190-200 degrees. Coffee connoisseurs say it preserves the taste and natural enzymes.

Grind Size: I like the medium size for grinding, although a course grind is recommended for less sediment in your cup. As your increase the size of your grind, also increase the time you let your coffee steep.

Amount of Coffee: For the standard 6 0z. cup use 2 tablespoons (1 coffee scoop) per cup.

Now, the Finale: Pour your boiling water over the grounds and stir the coffee. Watch the grounds swell in the hot water, then re-stir the coffee after about 30 seconds. Let the coffee steep for 4-10 minutes and then slowly push the plunger down.

Pour and enjoy!

Once you understand the basics of French Press Coffee, you can modify your coffee with cinnamon, almond or coconut creamers, stevia, and/or flavored stevia. Did you know that coffee has been proven to enhance memory? It also increases alertness and information retention. One more reason to partake in this enjoyable morning ritual! Enjoy in moderation.

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  1. Jan says
    Apr 17, 2014 at 4:21 PM

    OH that sounds really good~ maybe I will try that sometime~ Thanks for sharing!

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