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Organic: How Much Will It Cost?

organic warren chiropractic mishawakaOne of the biggest excuses people use for not eating organic is the added cost. It’s easy to resolve to eat better but when you’re staring at the produce display at the grocery store, the resolve to not only eat healthy but organic can often fade away quickly.

Here’s why NOT eating organic will cost you in the long run:

Nutrition from the inside out. You are what you eat. But you are also what your plant eats too! If the fruits and veggies you are eating have been busy soaking up toxic pesticides and fertilizers, those are going straight into your body.

Organically grown produce also has been proven to contain far more nutrients. Less toxins + more vitamins and nutrients = real health benefits. Also, eating organically is the only way to avoid genetically modified foods, (GMO’s) which are becoming an alarmingly high part of our food supply.

But what about meat? The same rules above apply and more. What has your beef been eating? Organic grass or genetically modified corn? Each component of the food chain needs to be healthy in order to ensure that the food we put in our mouths is not only sustaining but nourishing at the same time.

Be proactive about your health by making wise choices about your produce and meat selections. Good food now means good health down the road!

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