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Lose The Shoes!

lose the shoes warren chiropractic

Did you know there is a scientific reason you feel better when you are gardening barefoot or when you are at the beach? Some of us may have a no shoes in the house rule, but you should take them off outside as well!

Here’s 3 reasons to go barefoot outside:foot health warren chiropractic

  • Our bodies are 60 percent water and water conducts electricity. Since the earth has a negative electronic charge, our bodies become grounded to that charge. Negative ions are proven to balance, detoxify, calm, and soothe the body. The best place to get these is through water, so going to the beach is optimal!
  • Going barefoot outside can reduce anxiety by 62 percent by your body releasing endorphin, the feel-good hormone!
  • It’s good for your core and improves balance. Walking barefoot can gently strengthen your feet, calves and ankles, and help create better posture–a benefit that lasts even after you put the shoes back on. This helps prevent injury down the road. Creating a strong core and balance is vital to good health.

Even though the benefits of going barefoot are numerous, always keep in mind the environment in which your feet are in. If you are in an area outside that has concrete or is rocky, supportive shoes are definitely necessary to protect the feet from harm. For those who are suffering from more extensive and painful foot problems, we offer custom fit orthotics by SOLS.

If you have questions about your posture or the health of your body’s core and spine, Warren Chiropractic offers free consultations!

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