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Is Bulletproof Coffee A Shot In The Dark?

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The health community constantly debates the merits of coffee. Is it good, or is it bad? Regardless, a large percentage of Americans drink some sort of  coffee throughout the day.

While coffee can be a memory-boosting, tasty way to fuel your morning, the healthful benefits are dulled when adding creamer and sugar. (Not what anyone wants to hear, right?) Artificial coffee creamers also contain all sorts of toxins and chemicals that are anything but healthy.

Meet Bulletproof coffee, a new and increasingly popular method of coffee preparation! This is also a great choice if you have dairy allergies or need to  avoid milk products. Bulletproof coffee contains high levels of fat, giving you sustained energy throughout the morning, instead of a sugar crash. Bulletproof coffee should not be eaten with a meal high in carbohydrates, since this will cause the body to store the calories as body fat and not as energy. Try it at breakfast with some protein like  eggs or yogurt (no-sugar added.)

  1. To start, brew a cup of dark coffee made from high-quality beans and filtered water. Cheap ground coffee has toxins to preserve shelf life and we want to avoid those.
  2.  Add 2 TBS. coconut oil. Coconut oil is one of the healthiest saturated fats and your body uses it immediately as energy and not as stored fat.
  3.  Add 1 TBS. of organic butter or ghee. What is ghee?  A healthful form of clarified butter with the milk solids and sugars removed. You can buy it, or make your own by melting butter, letting it sit and straining the solids out through a fine mesh sieve covered with cheesecloth. Using organic butter from grassfed cows is best.
  4. Sweeten with stevia! We recommend stevia as nature’s alternative to sugar.

Enjoy coffee in moderation as part of a healthy lifestyle!

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